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Athletic Society

Sports articles/Apparatus of athletic Club

Sl. No.Name of the ArticleQuantities
01Cricket Bat03 nos.
02Cricket keeping Bat01 pair
03Battind Pad03 pair
04Abdomen Gaurd05 nos.
05Helmet02 nos.
06Thigh Gaurd04 nos.
07Batting Gloves03 pair
08Elbow Cap02 nos.
09Cricket Fat Mat01 no.
10Whistle04 nos.
11Volly Ball02 nos.
12Volly Net01 no.
13Volly Ball Zersy12 nos.
14Carrum Board02 nos.
15Chess Board03 sets
16High Jump Cross Bar02 nos.
17High Jump Upright01 set
18Shot Put03 nos.
19Discus02 nos.
20Javelin09 nos.
21Majoring Tape02 nos.
22Foot Ball01 no.
23Umbrella01 no.
24Flame (Brass)01 no.
25Plastic Pal01 no.
26Volly Ball Post01 set
27Foot Ball Post01 set
28Badminton Post01 set
29Table Tenis Arena01 no.

Activities of athletic club

Sl. No.DateName of the Game/SportHost College Where the game organisedOrganised by the institutionNo. Of Students Participated
114.09.2014 - 15.09.2014Inter College Volly Ball Tournament (Men)Kendrapada Auto College, KendrapadaUtkal University10
223.10.2014 - 25.10.2014Inter College Cricket TournamentS.S.D College, Gurudi jhatiaUtkal University16
329.11.2014 - 30.11.2014Inter College Ateletic MeetU.N Auto College, AdashapurUtkal University05
421.12.2014 - 22.12.2014Annual District Ateletic MeetDhenkanal Mini Stadium, DKL.District Ateletic Association07
506.01.2015 - 07.01.2015College Annual Athletic MeetCollege Play Ground, Mahima MahavidyalayaAteletic Club Mahima Mahavidyal-aya, Joranda112