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National Cadet Corps

The benefits of being a NCC candidate,

  • Development of leadership, character, comradeship, spirit of sportsmanship and the ideal of service.
  • To create a force of disciplined and trained man power which in a national emergency can be of assistance to the country.
  • To provide training for students with a view to developing in them officer like qualities, thus also enabling them to obtain commission in the Armed Forces.

64 Vacancies in a year reserved for N.C.C. certificate holders in I.M.A. if qualified by UPSC and SSB. Certificate holders are given priority for recruitment in the Army, BSF, CRPF, Paramilitary Organizations. "B" & "C" certificate holders are granted additional priority of 3% and 5% marks respectively at the time of admission who attended any all India Camp or qualified in all India.

NCC Report Details

Sl. No.TitleDetails
01NCC Anual report - (2012-2013)
02NCC Anual report - (2013-2014)
03NCC Anual report - (2014-2015)